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keep an eye out - there are cheap bikes out there that are good deals - I got mine for $50 bucks, and with another 25 invested, the motor runs, but you can bet I am going to be spending a sh**load more on it - brakes, spokes, chain, tires, seatcover, fork seals, gaskets, wiring, cables - in the long run, the other guys here are right. Buy something that maybe isn't pretty, but can be ridden, and you'll save yourself time and headaches.

Mine was only worth it because it had a good motor that turned over, no missing parts, clean wiring, and a clean title. Anything else, and I would have owned a basket case that might never get done.

If you break that bike down into components (seat, sidecovers, hubs, kickstarter lever, forks, wheels, etc), give everything a really good cleaning/polishing, you'll easily make back your money on ebay and then some. A clean titled frame is worth a bunch just by itself.

Then, you do exactly what Geeto says.
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