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Just to make sure you saw this, I'll quote from Geeto: " best advice is to part it out on ebay, take the money you make from it, and buy something that is at the very least complete. This is the wrong project for a beginner."

My first bike was a CB450K0 (which is, incidentally, the only bike I now own - sold the others when I went travelin but couldn't bear to give up my first). The rings were shot (shattered, in fact), valve seats pitted, cylinders scored... in other words, I could've gotten in square in a week, maybe ten days with machine shop time, if I knew then what I know now. Instead, it took me a year, in part because I didn't know precisely what was wrong with it and in part because I was a college kid on a budget.

What Geeto says is true - with what you've got your odds aren't good. What you've got there isn't a motorcycle - it just sort of looks like one - and turning it into one is going to be frustrating and expensive. I'm not suggesting you get one that's perfectly square and already cafe'd - where's the fun in that? - but I'd part out, get your money back and probably a bit to spare, and find a complete bike.

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