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three terrifics in one

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There are 3 things about this picture that are terrific. Can you name any of them?

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I got:
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doing it with one clutch.

I was sitting by the airplane at Donnington a few years ago for a WSBK race, back in the day...Foggy, Edwards, Haga, Chili....great track....and about 20,000 bikes in the lot...I shit you not, 20,000.

Motorcycling racing.....

Where else can we as amature participants....feel that things are so much the same...and so much compared to the professionals.

Is there any other sport that allows you to feel the same primal emotions as the pros, while participating at your own level? Don't talk to me about winning, losing, determination...all that shit. I'm talking primal, heart in the throat, gut wrenching fear, giddy almost insane joy, courage that doesn't feel like courage just doin it, and the nirvana of being one with the machine for a few moments. Where in the final analysis our potential rewards and punishments are the and death.

We can feel the same things as the pros...different's all relative...not many sports allow you that.

Ok...I'm general I freakin despise motorcycle philosophy.
1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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