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three terrifics in one

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There are 3 things about this picture that are terrific. Can you name any of them?

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whether or not the ****** is his (which i think it is) doesn't really matter, the man is sideways with one hand. while it probably makes it less impressive, i think it's cool that he's on rain tires.
the rains probably made it easier to do this stunt, as they spin up easier and at lower speeds, but it's not like it's easy to do even with rains on. it also begs the question, how wet is it?

1)It's rossi
2) In america
3) on a yamaha

Sorry you're a bitter Honda fan Geeto, it's understandable. But, you can take some joy in the fact that the picture wasn't taken stateside. He's showing off in some other country.

I'm with bfd. I gotta get in on that leg swing deal. the coolest thing I ever get to do is have my friend bring the rear stand to the winners circle. Interview, water, guys know how it is.

Amen Monkey; kinda gay. Plus I never get sick of listening to those bikes. Millions of dollars went into those motors, it's an expensive soundtrack. Let us listen.

1 - 6 of 37 Posts
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