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three terrifics in one

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There are 3 things about this picture that are terrific. Can you name any of them?

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1)It's rossi
2) In america
3) on a yamaha

those are also the three things that are awful in the picture if you are a honda fan like me.
I guess I should be more bitter toward honda than rossi, since it was honda's fault that they let him get away and now have to hang their hopes on Hayden (which I am all for, by they way...I think he has the potential to be as good as rossi).

I always though the reason you saw the ym1 in the GO!!!!!!! livery was because Galouses, the company sponsering rossi, is a french cigarette company and you cannot have advertising for tobacco products on television in the states. I have seen pics of the bike advertising Galouses so I know they get to advertise in other countries, but now that I think about it, there are probably European Countries that have the same television ban. Besides it isn't like you can get thse cigarettes here anyway.

yeah, crossed up, one handed, rain tires, thumbs up is cool for Anybody. It's not the "I'm twice the age of anybody on the grid and gonna race with my knees pressed against the tank old school style against bikes like the tz750 with knee draggers" like hailwood pulled in 1978-1980, but it is close.
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smoking is cool, so is rossi!

smoking is gay....that wy gay people are called cock smokers

crack, now there is a drug
1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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