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Throttle assembly

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DO you guys know of a good place to get a throttle assembly (the twist control part)- and if you have the correct name i will take that as well, ha. I checked but they didnt have any. im looking to replace the one on my 70 cb350. i checked some ebay stuff, but no exact match. ANy suggestions on what to look for? Are they all swapable as long its 7/8's? Thanks for any advice on where to track it down or what to look for.

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If you just need the plastic part not the housing they are reproduced and available in any bike shop (and I think it is called a throttle sleve). I think K&L makes one as does honda (you may even be able to get it from a dealer. As far as I can tell the one on the fiancee's cb360 is the same as the one on many of my cb750s.

honda calls it a "pipe":

part number: 95014-51100 for $9.68

If you need the whole housing (switch assembly) it is part number:
35300-317-671 and costs $43.50

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