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Throttle assembly

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DO you guys know of a good place to get a throttle assembly (the twist control part)- and if you have the correct name i will take that as well, ha. I checked but they didnt have any. im looking to replace the one on my 70 cb350. i checked some ebay stuff, but no exact match. ANy suggestions on what to look for? Are they all swapable as long its 7/8's? Thanks for any advice on where to track it down or what to look for.

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The original throttle assembly has the front brake lever, starter switch and kill switch all built in to it. If you replace it with an aftermarket throttle you will need to get all of those things too. Otherwise, lots of different Honda right side throttles can be made to work if you can match up the wiring. The best bet for a street bike is to get the correct assembly either new or from someone here used. I probably have one in a box but it is 5000 miles from here, sorry.

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