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Looks to me like he is using either old public domain photos or photos that he has taken himself, or prints of original artwork. It's also quite possible he bought permission to use the current motogp photos, or that Dorna releases certain photos into the public domain...or even that the sites he may appear to have taken them from actually posted them without permission in the first place.

Just because you've seen the photo somewhere else doesn't mean he is using it without permission or has stolen it. Course it doesn't mean he didn't steal it either. Just taking a photo doesn't mean you own it, you have to imply a copyright, or publish and copyright etc. Or any person could just say they own a picture whether they could prove they took it or not.

Andy Warhol using campells soup cans in his art, the many characitures of the Mona Lisa, the use of thousands of historical photos...all based on someone else art that are not examples of copyright infringement.

Yeah, stealing someone else work sucks...but it's just as bad to accuse someone of stealing that may not be.
1 - 5 of 29 Posts
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