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Ticked off, maybe you guys would understand.

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This guy,, is selling stuff that he has stolen from online moto galleries of all type.

This one in particular pisses me off. I've been trying to find the original site that I saw this sweet picture at. The guy is selling a photoshopped version of it that has a duplicated image of the racer. Clearly, the blurring isn't just for effect, but to reduce the recognizability of the original. The original, FWIW, was put up on some Euro cafe-racer site that said that the guy who took it had taken it in the 70s when a guy would fly around every Sunday down his street.

This is another of the same 'chopping.

Does this bother anyone else? Stealing pics from and random sites, doing some Photoshopping and calling it your own to make money? It's like sampling music and not giving credit to the original (real) artists.

Or. . .am I just stupid?
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I think this is the same guy that shows up at LRRS events in a huge motorhome, snaps pictures of all the races, and then charges $40 for a single print. I actually really like this picture:

and was considering buying it. And then I remembered who the guy was. And he doesn't like selling CDs of the pictures.

When I went up to Mosport a few years back, I got a CD of 40-50 pictures (high res) for $50 Canadian.
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