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Tires for CL350

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Hey everyone, I’m working on my first project and it’s a 1971 Honda CL350. I love the look of bigger tires like the Firestone Deluxe or Shinko 270. My stock rims are 3.00x19 and 3.50x18. I want to at least put on 4.00 on both wheels. Any tips? Thanks
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Don't waste your money on that garbage, they are clown shoes. At no previous time were they used on motorcycles, look at the profile do they look like they are made for leaning in the corners? And to go 2 sizes to large is extra stupid, I can't imagine what the profile of that squished up mess would look like. The internet is full of "builds" that are horrible motorcycles.

Do you want a bike to ride or are you just going to pose it and take pictures. If it is the former then buy real tires.
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