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Hey guys, don't know if this is good to know, but a guy in NY put this ad on the VRRA website, all I did was cut and paste. Nothing in it for me, just passing on some info....

If you read my new guy intro you know I"m a Suz. dealer in NY. I just got a close out catalog from Parts Unlimited with some race tires in it. Don't know if I can save you any money but figured I'd offer. Sizes and quanities are limited,when they're gone they're gone. These will only help the P4 guys unfortunately. If any ones interested best thing is to call me in the shop M-F 8:30-5:30 Sat. 9-1 phone is 315-344-7330 Here's whats avail. and prices in US $. I can bring them to Shannonville when I come up or come over to pick them up,we're only 10 mi. from Prescott bridge. Like I said,not sure if it'll save you anything or not.

Metzeler Rennsport Race
110/70/17 in supersoft or soft compound $100
150/60/17 only supersoft $150
180/55/17 soft $180 supersoft $170

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