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titles/frames for sale

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have the following titles and frames (wink, wink) for sale, offers. 1977 kaw kz650, 1985 kaw gpz 750, 1985 suz gs700 etc., 1985 honda vf700 etc., 1982 yam 400, 1980 kaw kz750, 1975 kaw 3 cyl (250/350/400/500/750) and a 1977 suz gs750. if you have to ask questions you don't want them.
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Still have the 77 GS750 frame? I have a hoarde of GS750 parts and engines, 1 titled frame, 1 untitled frame, and my daily rider 77 GS750... I might be able to put another titled frame to use to build a nice resto-mod superbike to sell to my less-mechanically-inclined friends for next season...
No clue where you are located, however... nothing in your ad, nothing in your profile to give me any slight clues...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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