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I see on the news its cold where you are so the garage is jam packed and you cant move stuff to get to your bike .Well guitars and bikes go together so you may have to crank your amp instead of your throttle.But here is what I have been tweeking .If your a Strat lover you need more then anything ,I mean dont even think of pickups and if you have fit new ones and they havent impressed you you "NEED" a callaham all cold rolled steel inertial /trembelo Block.I bought one for the whimpy thin cast one I had on a Mexican Strat I was so impressed I bought one for my newly acquired American Strat.Man the TONE DRIPS off both of these Strats now.
I also got a '07 bbE tube screamer its so quiet, smooth and does everything a ts8 or 9 ever did and then some.And at $99.oo its a absolute STEAL !Also I got a electro harmonix reverb all this played thru my single 15in speakered, Peavey Delta Blues Amp and Im in absolute tone heaven.Well blues guitar heaven and thats just fine for me AWESOME!!!truely is awesome!

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.

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