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Hey everyone, I was wondering if any one is driving up to NY on friday? yes I said driving, I know a bit taboo on a motorcycle forum.
Anyway my reason for asking is this, my sister who is at school in Coastal Carolina not far from Myrtle Beach airport, is flying up to visit me and give me her dog that she cant take care of anymore.
However, she didn't realize until today that the airline the is flying with (tomorrow) has a strict rule for pets. they must fit in a bag that goes under your seat, and they must be able to move around freely. There is only 9inches of space there. and her dog cannot fit there.

So if anyone is making a trip to NYC possibly for the REV'IT sample sale, could you pick up this dog and let it drive with you.
She is an Australian Shepard just under a year old. Doesn't bite or bark that often, and just wants to make friends. Just roll the window down a bit, and enjoy the fact that you would be compensated for a bit of friendly company on the trip up.

Sample Sale info
Saturday April 9th, 10-4pm

REV’IT! Sport USA Showroom
275 Conover Street, Suite 5-P
Brooklyn, NY 11231
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