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buff sucks. as far as the business goes. i think hes a nice guy, a great rider, and cool. but if youre going to be that visible, and are going to run a business, especially an internet based deal, you gotta be there. you gotta have prices on the website. youre the 3rd person ive had tell me that in the past 2 weeks. and you should have no reason to not answer email. pick it up on your phone, youre pda, laptop, whatever, but answer. i have ordered stuff from him before, and he even did a huge personal favor for me a few years ago. i got my pvl from him. and i bought a couple of other things from him too. ive even bought stuff from todd back in the day. but the website sucks.

all that being said, yeah, the stuff is expensive. but todd was the guy. and i think youre confusing todd with buff. buff only runs the business now. todd is just a nameplate at this point. which is too bad because people associate todd with the website. and i cant blame todd, being that he is a little scattered.

those pipes youre looking at, the megs, made by jemco. go to them. buff doesnt make anything. he just resells. im not trying to sink his business or anything like that. like i said, i like buff as a guy around the track or hanging out and chatting. and im not saying its easy to run that business and race that much. but you gotta commit.

i hate when i cant get answers, or my shit sent. especially when youre running a business. thats the only reason i have a bad thing to say about buff. as far as business goes, hes only a few above pro-flo in my book. at least he doesnt take your money via the website then not deliver. if you can reach him, hes real good about getting you your shit. at least he has been for me.


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