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Let me just go ahead and apologize now for this question and future dumb questions. I am Sorry. What is wrong with my bike?

Problem - 76 CB500T ran fine until this weekend. Now it runs fine low RPM/low speed for 5-10 mins (cant stand going slower any longer than that). As soon as i spin it up on major road, i have about 45 seconds till i lose all power and it eventually dies. Basically cruising at 55+ then i have to clutch it and rev 1/2 throttle just to keep it from dying. Unfortunately it dies and i have to wait 3-5 mins before i can start it only to repeat the whole process over again.

Other Pertinent Info - Just bought the bike 1 month ago. I decided i would just ride it till season is over. (VA) Then i would go through full tune up/rebuild process over winter. I put around 100 miles on the bike, then i changed plugs and oil. Forgot to buy oil plug gasket and put in 3 qrts b/c that is what manual said to do. Rode the bike for 20 miles parked it and then that is when the problems started. I checked the oil today (now that it is back at my house) and it seems 3 qrts may have been a little too much. 2-2.5 max. Unfortunately plug is on way too tight now so i will not be able to remove till tomorrow (bigger tools). Anyone got an extra oil drain plug?

Is the oil my problem or is there somthing else i should check short of a full tune-up? Sorry for long ass post.
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