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I took the maiden voyage last week on the cbfreebee. It rode pretty good. It needs some ironing out and tuning but all in all it was fun and suprsingly safe. It seemed to max out at 70mph. Is this right?
What is everyones top speed?
cb750 right?

Let me put it this way - my cb750 K5 (stock, mostly) carries my 280lbs ass to 100 mph with a fouled plug in the #1 cylinder. When she was in good nick, with the wind at my back and down hill (and hugging that tank like I'm married to it) I could get 125-130 indicated (who knows how accurate those speedos are).

My girlfriends former cj360 would still carry my fat ass to 75-80 mph.

so recheck your bike, me thinks you are going to need to do some more tuning.
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