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I took the maiden voyage last week on the cbfreebee. It rode pretty good. It needs some ironing out and tuning but all in all it was fun and suprsingly safe. It seemed to max out at 70mph. Is this right?
What is everyones top speed?
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my cb550 took me to an indicated 100. no faster. (i sold it last week btw)

my cb750 has indicated 125, had a good bit left in it too. (yoshi cam and yoshi heads, big bore kit, sprokets, and i would say the crank has been lightened as that thing revs fast as shit).

my f4i indicated 160 once. that was as fast as it would go. i'd say the speedos are off by 10% above 100.

my 240sx indicated 174. no more rpms. :0)

'72 cb750
'76 cb550
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