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Torsion bars and P1 gp.....

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From the USCRA website as to the CB450:

"CB/CL/CR 450 (torsion bar valve spring type head)"

I would interpret that as meaning exacly what it says, 'torsion bar... type head' ....TYPE HEAD. It does'nt say restricted to using the original torsion set-up.

Anyone have any further info or comments?

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Johnny, make the banquet please, I want you and mary to get your trophies.

Rosko, I gotta agree . . . just get the engine together and play. Take care of all that other mod shit later. You'll agree with us after you run a lap and then sit the rest of the day out. Been there, done that.


ps if you want that side cover, send me your address.
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