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... are fun. More fun that racing. Especially if you're an instructor and can go out whenever you want. Kickass.

Rode the snot out of my Triumph Sprint. Bridgestone tires (bt020) were stating to complain towards the end of the day, but we're nice and predictable when sliding. They let me know when I was pushing a little too hard by gently sliding.

I was going to take the RD350 out as well, but discovered my crash from the last event tweaked the forks. That and its now a one speed transmission, first only. So I'm not racing monday. Don't feel like taking another bike apart, rebuilding the engine, and putting it all back together.

Last session of the day was offered a ride on a 95? TZ250. Holy shit. Ever ride a bike that taunts you? Calls you a pussy when you brake for a corner or let off the gas early? Running through the bowl, the bike just sighed with boredome. That has got to be the fastest motorcycle I have ever ridden. Keep the rpms between 10.5 and 12 and the front straight becomes very short. I'd hit the brakes for T1 and would have to get back on the gas because I had slowed down too much. Its motorcycles like this that makes me wish I was shorter. I can fit on it, but barely. I'm all elbows and knees on the thing.... lol...

Also took out a very nicely race prepped CBR600F4. Another sweet ride that I couldn't ride fast enough.

I need to get that RZ350 running for trackdays. The Triumph is a nice streetbike, but way too big and sloppy for the track. Plus I'd rather not crash it.

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i know what you mean. i spent last summer working for team promotion. i had the opportunity to ride whenever i wanted on whatever i wanted. best memory was hitting 160mph on a 2005 cbr600rr on mosport's back straight. talk about "point and shoot!" that bike was like riding a wireless mouse.

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