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Track Daze for Vintage Racers

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Hello All,
I will be instructing a few of the Hawk Racing School track days this year at NHIS. How many of you would be interested in attending. The first one will be toward the end of April. I would like get about 15 riders for vintage so we can have our own sessions.
Cost is about 175.00 and it is by far the best bang for the buck for track time.


ps this a good time to see how the old guy beats the young guy......
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hey john, i know there is some kind of mailing list for the school. is there anyway you can get me on the thing. everyone i have talked to about it is so vague about it all. is there any kind of a health insurance thing involving the track?? id do it strictly for track time and not to go too fast. just to remember how to ride the ole bike. it would probably be only one day huh?? is there a schedule out for the classes/track days yet?? how many will corresponde with our race weekends?? i need details man. im starving for information. really though, if you can get me onto the mailing list, thatd be great. then i can keep track and make some plans. if the school was on a monday or a friday id definitely be more inclined t do it. but no promises yet.

man, you guys is harsh!! john, i have no insurance for track days. kinda sucks. i cant imagine pushing it as hard as i do when i race. i dont know that id go so fast that id slide into 1 and 9 during a track day. id personally just like to manage the track and my speed better. i dont think lowering my lap times is going to do me much good during a track day anyway. i think learning the track better and learning some different lines and taking the time to ride different lines would benefit me more than just trying to learn to go faster. last year the only reason i learned the inside line going into 3 was because i had to during the races. (i never thought id have to down shift 3 times riding that line to get the drive up the hill!!!) but thats the kind of thing i want to learn. last year some of the most frustrating races were the ones where i just couldnt get by someone for 3 laps. then having a waving yellow come out and having the guy in front slow down to look at the crash sucked ass. i remember watching everone else go pulling off into the distance while i was nearly plowing into the guy. funny too was i remember a corner worker waving us on to go. probably you trying to get me to do an illegal pass!

and yes, aaron is funny, and a bastard.

cant wait to see the epic battle next year.

yeah, im gonna hang my 3rd leg out next year and we'll see how slow you have to go jeremy.

and how about that mailing list, any info on that or an email address or number i can call for the the hawk school?

if anyones interested in going fast on thier bikes, i aggree with john, go to the school. you guys will totally dig it if you havent dont it before. there is nothing like it. it'll be the best 175 youve ever spent and you'll definitely be hooked.

three legged turtle
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i hate when i do that.

aarons only here half the time. maybe you guys can work out a time share or something.

go do the track day guys. make plans. its fun.

jeremy, why is it that when i sign in, and i dont know why i do, it says im a moderator for the racing forum?? what the hell does it mean and why? thanks for deleting my extra message. sometimes this connection gets a little slow, or your server is (doubt that) and i get imaptient and click 2x. if its not instantanious, i get impatient.

i have a cable modem and i cant even figure out how to delete my own extra posts. obviously!

aaron, got room for an extra bike in the van on the way to daytona?? one of demetrious' buddies is looking to get a bsa thunderbolt to daytona from penn. (in the back of a truck is the only proven way to get one of those things anywhere right???) i was thinking id pick it up and when you swing through.... only if you are feeling extra generous. i think there could be a few $$ in it for you. hows preps going. get me your timeline asap. im busy all week and into the following with this job i have going so im definitely out. sorry. id love to go. really. actually id probably sit there thinking why arent i racing, know what i mean??

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