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Track Daze for Vintage Racers

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Hello All,
I will be instructing a few of the Hawk Racing School track days this year at NHIS. How many of you would be interested in attending. The first one will be toward the end of April. I would like get about 15 riders for vintage so we can have our own sessions.
Cost is about 175.00 and it is by far the best bang for the buck for track time.


ps this a good time to see how the old guy beats the young guy......
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Track days are usually Mon.,Tues.,Wed., and yes there is health insurance required. Why would you want to go slow?? The track day is good for honing skills. You know like lowering your lap times. After all aren't we racing the track and other riders are obstacles on the track???

Mr Champ
Hey JR Champ,

The little Honda is still at Peter T's sitting on the dyno. I sure hope it will be ready. My Ducati is on its way with the engineered components that were concevied this past fall. Bruce promises another 6-8 HP.I am also firming up a ride on a MT125R to race in ultra leight weight. I don't really care about the H-D. It is a great little bike if your a 3 legged turtle. I would be happy to set you up with either DeCamp. No Prob. My recollection of racing either one of them was they finished behind me. You know how that is !!!!

SR Champ
You don't have to be a racer or have a race bike to attend the track day. Just some minor prep for a street bike. JD, I wear a XXL Shoei RF900 for my big melon. Ya see, ego takes up alot of space!!!!

God, I'm good. I sense another championship in 2003..........
Is ther enough room on this forum for two XXXXL egos???
<damn XXL,you got me beat>

Ya see JD, thats why I'm champ. I beat you before you're on the track.

Sometimes it's just to easy to be champ. Aaron knows !!!!!!!!!
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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