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Track Daze for Vintage Racers

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Hello All,
I will be instructing a few of the Hawk Racing School track days this year at NHIS. How many of you would be interested in attending. The first one will be toward the end of April. I would like get about 15 riders for vintage so we can have our own sessions.
Cost is about 175.00 and it is by far the best bang for the buck for track time.


ps this a good time to see how the old guy beats the young guy......
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Hello Mr. Champ,
Joe is actually trying to hone in and be a better obstacle. Jeremy said that he was a 3 legged Turtle.

Hows your little Honda, is it ready for racing? Also are you running that HD this year or is a pit bike? I think I will be interested in the school as well, but I want to lower my lap times so would it be possible to get one of the DeCamps to help me? Man o man... I'm a funny bastard. Or wait, maybe I'm just a bastard..

Thats nothing... have you seen Jeremys head? We had to steal one of those promotional Arai helmets thats as big as the roof of a car for Jeremy.

I will say Johns good at beating people before the even get on the track, but at the same time John helped me drop serious lap times off my racing.

1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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