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I'm a regular over at, but i think this is worth mentioning here. Yesterday While buying a piece of garden equip from a guy, he mentioned this old honda he has for sale, it's a honda, a 350 single I think, uncertain of year, but it has a drum front brake, and a 1979 NH inspection tag on the left fork. Everything was safety wired up, the tires were decent, and the clip-ons were dunstall, I think the front fender was, and maybe other parts were too. I don't know what he's looking to get for it, maybe just a few hundred...we didn't talk price. you can reach Bob at 978-256-0047 tell him the guy who bought the chipper sent you. BTW he says it's gonna go in the Want-ad soon. It looks like it would be a weekend's worth of work away from track use.
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