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Trade crotch rocket for Giro Bike

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I aquired a 1994 Suzuki GSX600 Katana from my daughters boyfriend and really don't have a use for it. I would be interested in trading it for an interesting Giro eligible bike (305cc or smaller, '69 or older). While anything may perk my interest, a superhawk, nice CB160 or a Benelli "egg" engined bike are my favorites at the moment.
The bike has not run in a couple years, but "ran fine when parked". Body work is all good except a couple dents in the tank. Paint is fine but an odd (to me) tealish color.

Looking at the bikes for sale sections of different sites, it looks like in running order it is a $2000-$3000 bike.
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Put a new battery in the GS and it started right up and ran fine. I'm going to steal a plate off another bike and run it a bit.

Hard to figure the real worth of it. Kelly blue book says retail 2495, trade in $1675. The guy at the Kawaski dealer looked it up in what looked like a kelly book and said retail $1500, trade $990. Who do you believe????

Maybe PeteN will trade it for a little old yamaha he has gathering dust in his shop..... he'll get the better end of the deal I think.

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