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Just perusing the VRRA website for trip planning to the St. Croix,Quebec track June 30-July 1st and Mosport. I see that they will now require the use of transponders this season. They will have some available for rental.
Any chance the USCRA will go this route also? I would purchase one if it were compatable with other organizations. What does Wera use? AHRMA does use any as far as I know.
Any one else planning on going to either of these events? Better make plans for St. Croix now since it is Canada day weekend.

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I know for a fact people have at the last moment ripped off their velcro mounted transponder and thown it over the finish line just ahead of their competitor.

Ok ok....I don't know that for a's just rumor.

Alright then....I just made it up.

Hehe...I love it when 250 guys think my bike is a cheater...just means they are threatened by my skillz. Someone should come up with the $50...I'd enjoy that :)
Course I'd throw in a side bet....$500 if my bike is found illegal...and if it's not...they'd have to dance in their skivvies during award ceremonies.
I don't have to win...I just want someone to protest me.

And then dance in the skivvies. Checkered skivvies.

Damn....I forgot that most wise of sayings.

But yeah...sometimes I go so fast that I do think of protesting my own self.
Whenever I crap my pants during a race it makes me want to finish as soon as possible.
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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