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Just perusing the VRRA website for trip planning to the St. Croix,Quebec track June 30-July 1st and Mosport. I see that they will now require the use of transponders this season. They will have some available for rental.
Any chance the USCRA will go this route also? I would purchase one if it were compatable with other organizations. What does Wera use? AHRMA does use any as far as I know.
Any one else planning on going to either of these events? Better make plans for St. Croix now since it is Canada day weekend.

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man you must have a lot of takes a ton of blood sweat and tears for me to earn the $500.00 i'd need to risk on such a wager (wanker). but...i will give you this...if the day finally comes and you see the P1 checker in a uscra 250gp race, i will gladly dance in my skivies as a special award just for you sir j.b. been wanting to do that in front of a crowd for a long time...make it happen for me baby.
sir johnny
the idea is to get to the checker first. i think you a bit odd to be out there in the hopes of being protested. you could protest yourself i suppose. i'll watch if you do. remember "who is not in danger. he does not win."
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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