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Just perusing the VRRA website for trip planning to the St. Croix,Quebec track June 30-July 1st and Mosport. I see that they will now require the use of transponders this season. They will have some available for rental.
Any chance the USCRA will go this route also? I would purchase one if it were compatable with other organizations. What does Wera use? AHRMA does use any as far as I know.
Any one else planning on going to either of these events? Better make plans for St. Croix now since it is Canada day weekend.

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wera uses the amb system. so does lrrs but last time i checked the lrrs was older. if youre running a vintage only bike, look into the cheaper transponders like for go carts. when i was talking with the amb rep in atlanta, he seemed to be trying to say the cheaper/lower reading transponders would be fine for slower vintage bikes. like we dont have to have them read to 180mph. apparently the software is supposed to be the same for all of thier systems. so id look into that. its when they upgrade the transponder that things get screwed up. the guy at louden said i might not be able t use my wera transponder (at the time) because they were running the older system and it might not be compatible. i never even looked cuz i never registered it. i figured it just wouldnt work. then they ended up not using anything.

i will say they totally kick ass.

yeah, the 160 is like 150 bucks though. so you could still crash and replace it. and still be ahead of the game. we also talked about mounting locations too at the time. mine mounts right at the bottom of my axle anyway. the 260. so no big difference there. we dontmount htem on the tail sections or anything like that. your forks cross the line first right? well, unless youre mike. then it could be anything.

i was just putting it out there. tex makes a good point though. those modern guys will buy anything.

thats a great idea.

measured my bracket for the transponder. right at the axle. 18" front wheel. its just about exactly 12"

1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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