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Just perusing the VRRA website for trip planning to the St. Croix,Quebec track June 30-July 1st and Mosport. I see that they will now require the use of transponders this season. They will have some available for rental.
Any chance the USCRA will go this route also? I would purchase one if it were compatable with other organizations. What does Wera use? AHRMA does use any as far as I know.
Any one else planning on going to either of these events? Better make plans for St. Croix now since it is Canada day weekend.

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Be careful when using the TranX160 100MPH Kart version transponder on a racebike. While it will work fine with any AMB system, the unit needs to be mounted no more than 12 inches off the ground. This pretty much limits the mounting location to the lower fork leg near the axle making it very suseptible to crash damage. The TranX260 is good to 160MPH and can be mounted up to 47 inches off the ground. The specs for each unit are listed in the respective brochures on AMB's website.

Cheers, Bret @ Glass from the Past
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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