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trick brakes win races and look cool.....

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yo dudes! i got some stuff up on ebay for you all to check out and tell your friends about.

under community: type in (member name): teamsuperawesomes

here is the auction number for one of the grimeca brakes:


check out the other auctions as well and stop back. i will have some neat stuff popping up in the next week (like a 1973 cadillac coupe, 1977 chevy camaro, 1994 bmw rt100, 1980 honda 750F, rollfast tandem bicycle, etc........) you might want to add me to your favorite sellers.

texy is clearing house!
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I'd like the camaro set-up with Grimeca's up front and the trailer painted to match. Trade you Joe's travel mug for it.

1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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