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Trick to putting Clubmans on.

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So I just got all my pretty stuff for my bike and am having a major pain in my ass trying to run my wires through the clubmans. I unsoldered what i could and tried pulling the wires through with a big ass bass string from a guitar (its the only thing i found that would be strong and flexible. but nothing. the bars, wires and you guys are laughing at me. Is there something i am doing wrong... or is it just a really complicated thing to do. It seems like the first thing people do when they get a bike is change to clubmans , but damnit i cant get that stuff going for me. Any advice or suggestions would be great.thanks.

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throw out the clubmans and buy yourself a real set of handlebars (like clipons)

or you could have done the smart thing and notch the controls instead. Seriously even the shops back in the day didn't thread the clubmans through for more than a couple of inches.
for anybody doing clubmans I am going to say it again, if you are trying to thread from the bar section to the loop - STOP!

This is a good way for you to cause a short in your bike because the bends are too tight and the vibration of the bike is going to cause them to wear through until they ground on the bar metal itself. By the time this happens you will have forgotten all about your handlebar install and be chasing ghosts shorts all over your bike.

The honda accessory clubmans sold over the counter at honda dealers in the 1970s had the wires in hole next to the wires out hole for this exact reason.
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Geeto "taking bad jokes a little too far" 67
the trick to putting clubmans on is checking your dick and integrity at the door. once you've sacrificed all credibilty at the alter of the hipster gods, they haunt you. seek liberation from hipdom my friend.

we already had that is here:
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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