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TT500 For a paint job

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I just got a job at a repair/race shop and one of the other mechanics has a 1983 queermaro he wants painted (i worked as a professional painter for a while). It needs some body work and has a lot of surface rust, so it'll be a bit of work. He wants it gloss-freakin-black of course, but he says it doesn't have to look great because it's mostly a drag car, but I don't like to do just an ok job. The kicker is, he wants to trade me a 70 something Yamaha TT500. I already told him probably not, but it got me interested in the bike (maybe as a partial payment). Are these worth anything? I saw a vintage roadrace one that looked pretty badass, but it had a KR frame and Ceriani forks, etc, stuff that would make any junk dirtbike look good. Jimmy
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I recall the guy telling me about how it sat outside all winter, and recently tipped over, after which time his dog chewed the back of the seat off, so I assume it's not in great shape. He does claim it was rebuilt ten years ago, but has less than ten hours on the rebuild. What kind of power do these make? Thanks for the reply, Jimmy.
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