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uh... hi

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I'm rockin an 83 Nighthawk now. 7fitty. jetted, Kerker, lots of other goodies. super clean. JD told me I should rock on in here when I have questions, so... here I am!!

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my first question:

my bike has the bars that are fairly straight, but still raised up slightly. i LOVE the old bars that turn down slightly...(i know it's bad for the wrists, but it's worth it) how much of a bitch is it to swap mine over? where to find the new parts?

thanks guys!

flat black .... mmmmmmm
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there ya go! flat black and clubmans, now that would spruce up any nighthawk.

they're called clubman bars. or you can get even crazier and get clipons. clubmans can be found pretty easily. I'm sure someone will chime in here with a cheap source.
most bike shops can get that stuff from a couple of the common catalogs they use (can't remember any specific names). there's also dennis kirk. they have a website and they'll send you a free catalog and you can find all kinds of useful stuff in there. locally there is moto milano in windham on 302. they might have bar-end mirrors in stock.

I've never seen a nighthawk cafe style, this should be pretty cool
doh! totally forgot about maine cycle. its in auburn, sheez guy get it straight <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>
yes, they have lots of stuff. usually have some cb wire wheels there. or you can be really cool and just get the hubs and build some aluminum wheels. I'm not sure what will just bolt up. and being a shafty the rear wheel might be tough to change
clymer and haynes are the most common. my experience has been that haynes is more thorough but they're both handy. I think I have three different 550 manuals
oh jason has been telling you stories, eh? I've always liked the older mustangs, never a big fan of the seventies to current mustangs. I have to say though, the new concept is a pretty good looking car. I think if they stick close to what they have now it will do well. and who can complain about 400 horsies? much better than the two latest versions. but I won't be buying another new car for a little while, and when I do buy one I think it just might be awd...oh, and german
hey, I'm old enough to know where that gleeben globen stuff comes from.
I still like american cars. I want a hot rod, like a 65 chevelle or maybe a late fifties chevy pickup with a chopped roof
well we know you couldn't if you were both on motorcycles and both on a racetrack.

jk, I will now accept the verbal abuse I surely deserve...
LOL...I couldn't help myself, it was too easy
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