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uh... hi

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I'm rockin an 83 Nighthawk now. 7fitty. jetted, Kerker, lots of other goodies. super clean. JD told me I should rock on in here when I have questions, so... here I am!!

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my first question:

my bike has the bars that are fairly straight, but still raised up slightly. i LOVE the old bars that turn down slightly...(i know it's bad for the wrists, but it's worth it) how much of a bitch is it to swap mine over? where to find the new parts?

thanks guys!

flat black .... mmmmmmm
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Im sure JD has pointed out Cycle salvage in lewiston if your near Jd's area. Grat place to just scrounge around. I would bet to have a lot of parts that pertain to your bike especially. By the way is your nighthawk the one that still had chain drive?

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Sorry JD, Somehow I cant tell the difference between those two cities. I here rumours that your jumping ship and becoming a Ford fan? Rock on dude and feel the power!!
Guy = x ford freak = american power rules achtung baby

The bike breaker
Well your still young yet, maybe you might come around. Still I was getting excited seeing maybe a change in the wind with this new mini car craze.
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The bike breaker
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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