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uh... hi

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I'm rockin an 83 Nighthawk now. 7fitty. jetted, Kerker, lots of other goodies. super clean. JD told me I should rock on in here when I have questions, so... here I am!!

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my first question:

my bike has the bars that are fairly straight, but still raised up slightly. i LOVE the old bars that turn down slightly...(i know it's bad for the wrists, but it's worth it) how much of a bitch is it to swap mine over? where to find the new parts?

thanks guys!

flat black .... mmmmmmm
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lol.. she's single. go for it!

flat black .... mmmmmmm
i dont know that i could actually catch her!!

well we know you couldn't if you were both on motorcycles and both on a racetrack.

jk, I will now accept the verbal abuse I surely deserve...
lmao.. jackass!!

flat black .... mmmmmmm
i could catch you and you ride like a girl. jerk.

LOL...I couldn't help myself, it was too easy
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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