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I've started gathering stuff for for ultra lightweight bike. I know your going to be doing a 250 some day and I think I'm going to head in the other direction. I have a very cool rolling chassis and hopefully this thing will weigh between 185 and 190. To be competive with an MT, its probably going to need atleast 25-27 horspower. The class is design for 200cc bikes but I think I'll need a little more cc to get the horspower I want. Is there more info on that class in the new rule book. Has anyone received a new rule book?

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Aaron, I think ULWSV is the bump class for 250gp. Of course you'd have to have a drum to run in GP. But you could run 250cc and get the hp you need.
In my opinion you'd have to go two stroke to be competitive at 200cc and far as I know there is no handicap for 4 strokes....except running a 250cc GP machine.
I was talking to Mike Elliot the other day, and he's looking to build a Yamaha RT-1 roadracer. Single cylinder 350cc two stroke. Neat idea. Might want to check out the two-stroke dirtbikes of that era and see what might work.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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