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I've started gathering stuff for for ultra lightweight bike. I know your going to be doing a 250 some day and I think I'm going to head in the other direction. I have a very cool rolling chassis and hopefully this thing will weigh between 185 and 190. To be competive with an MT, its probably going to need atleast 25-27 horspower. The class is design for 200cc bikes but I think I'll need a little more cc to get the horspower I want. Is there more info on that class in the new rule book. Has anyone received a new rule book?

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whats a rule book??

i go tmy wera rule book. maybe we could use that one. actually, i havent reupped my uscra papers yet. kind of dumb to have to spend like 80 bucks to race 2 times.

hey jb, dont you have more parts to take off your bike to give to hiroshi?? you pain in the ass.

also, i ran over a neighbors dog last night with my truck. little bastard was hard to catch on the sidewalk.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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