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Just got my newsletter and after reading the rules changes. I don't understand why they are putting the MT125R Honda in the LWSV when the ULWSV class was designed for the MT.

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I can tell you where the source of the change probably came from...the fast guys in ULWSV were all starting to run only in LWSV because there wasn't any real competition for them in ULWSV. Can't blame them for wanting people to race against.

But like champ says...the class was created specifically for TA's and MT's as far as I know. Kinda weird to move them out of there.

As a lifelong LWSV racer you're damn right I'm upset. Get those fricken MTs back to ULSV where they belong.

Just kidding.
sorry to remind you but with the bump deal, they're still going to be there hounding your aft side like flys on doggie kidding. how about making their bump class mwsv?
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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