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uscra 2017

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I never thought I'd see Canadians resorting to fat-shaming. Shameful ...
The Canadian wears no shame for the words the American wrote :rolleyes:
Do I need to use a slower font for you to read the words I wrote yet chose to repeat incorrectly?

Good Luck and Sincere Best Wishes for your Twenty Seventeen Racing Season U. S. C. R. A.
I just want to throw this out there - extra rider weight can actually be an advantage as it is dynamic weight which can be moved around on the bike (forward, back, side to side).
It's not how big or small you are it's how you move what you have going for you.
why thank you for the wishes... for we shall party, race, party and repeat!!!

dohc... those bikers look like your type
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Season opener next week!
what ? and have be miss working on my $500 Honda build?
That's ok, Dirtychicken will be there.
That makes my eyes hurt.
I'm guessing most folks on here know why your vision is a problem.
DirtChicken, I know u don't go on the uscra yahoo group much if at all. Peter Booth was asking if anyone had an extra bike he could run at the races tomorrow.
I am sure you know Pete. Look him up there if you can help him out, or post on Yahoo group.
Cheap Bastard and Son Racing got the "ok" from the boss for the 10-11th!
I have the big carbs back on. I'm coming for you!
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Any issues with traction out of corners?
One thing about shaft drive, you don't have to worry about the bike wanting to run wide on exit because the back squats.

XJ900? Sweet engine.
you are trolling yourself
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He's testing the Tannermatic carbon fiber skateboard deck seat
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Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Motorcycling Motorcycle racer

Mine actually was a $500 Honda build.

No pods, open carbs Brah.
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Can I call you BigPod8295 ?
I was BigOpenCarbs in that pic.

F-in PE24s.
41 - 60 of 74 Posts
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