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uscra rulebook

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hello all,

is there such a thing as written rulebook for the uscra? the rules section on their website was last updated in 1999. i was looking for something more recent, like say circa 2005. anyone got any answers of where i could find such an animal?

i'll take all kinds of answers (informed, uninformed, educated guesses, theories, propaganda, bullshit, etc....)

so as they say in dallas, fire away lee harvey!

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thanks everyone for your responses.

johnny b, i assume that the new rules will be posted to the uscra website. hopefully in a pdf format so anal retentive types like myself can print it out to have it trackside for reference.

i am curious about the new rules like in bellypans and such. i disagree that belly pans suck. i will admit that when wera went that way a few years back i resisted. however, after being subjected to numerous track clean-ups for oil at loudon last year, i can see where they might help to AVOID track spills, and thus give us more practice/longer races, etc....

joe, yep got my wera rulebook friday. very cool to see vintage on the cover. wish it would of been that sweet shot of chris marshall, eric cook, buff harsh, mike ewer, and me coming thru t1 at vir, but oh well, i guess i'll just have to be famous here on the cafeboard. don't make fun of those kids pictures, i'm sure the one in the helmet is bucky.

on the subject of rules, i follow them all. i think cheating for a piece of wood is pretty lame. uscra tropies are rarely a piece of wood (i think they have the best awards of all the clubs). did you ever see what ahrma gives you when you win daytona? it's a fricken piece of plexiglass/lucite or a varnished square of mdf. on that subject, the first year ahrma and wera did the co-event at jennings, wera had the first day, so they had the first award ceremony. the winners got some impressive trophies (1st thru fifth) and the three podiums were all given bottles of champagne (well, it was sparkling wine). ahrma was a little embarrased at what they had brought to the party for their awards on the following day.
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how are you getting down there (vir)? are we traveling together? and if yes, in what?

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