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uscra rulebook

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hello all,

is there such a thing as written rulebook for the uscra? the rules section on their website was last updated in 1999. i was looking for something more recent, like say circa 2005. anyone got any answers of where i could find such an animal?

i'll take all kinds of answers (informed, uninformed, educated guesses, theories, propaganda, bullshit, etc....)

so as they say in dallas, fire away lee harvey!

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belly pans rule, and you only need rules if you plan to follow them. and, also, if someone plans on enforcing them. doh! i know tex, getting the new rule book from wera every year is nice. and them having vintage on the cover is a nice touch, dontchya think? hey, did you notice th page with the pictures of the kids in the pits at the wera races, pretty funny. what a great idea.

bucky, or jd. its hard to tell with that tinted visor. youre a funny fucker you. i hear buckys not making vir, so that means "chef" probably wont show up. which means i wont have the scooter. that bastard. you know, i knew letting him have that was just a bad idea. goddamned.

hey, anyone looking for a beater car. i have an 87 buick park ave. 78k on the clock. runs great, but needs some work. (rear brake light lense, tune up, tires, maybe shocks, no headliner) repainted a few years ago and looks pretty good. lots of electric stuff. velour interior. it aint show quality, but its ok. if you want pics, drop me a note. first owner. clean title.

we could take the buick. i also got turnbull a van this weekend. but he so poor i dont think that'll happen. we can go together if youd like. we'll have to plan it later. i'll call you, and we'll set up something.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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