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Valves kinda...gross?

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Here's a pic of my valves (mainly clyinder 4). What would you reccommend I do, aside from replacing them? I wanna try and keep it all together up there, since I don't have the right tools (valve compressor) to do all the tricky stuff.

Can I get away with just sanding the corrosion off?


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I'd have to agree with Ken...I've salvaged some horrible looking heads too. Ditto on the valves...specially the exhaust valves, very tough in most cases.
Go easy with the sand blasting....use some fine sand or glass bead and of course clean the head casting very very good to get all the sand out. I usually clean the valves with a power brush (wire wheel) to prevent roughing up the stem or erroding the valve surface.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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