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Valves kinda...gross?

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Here's a pic of my valves (mainly clyinder 4). What would you reccommend I do, aside from replacing them? I wanna try and keep it all together up there, since I don't have the right tools (valve compressor) to do all the tricky stuff.

Can I get away with just sanding the corrosion off?


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the hardening on those valves has already started to deteriorate, they are probably shot and will need to be replaced. Knowing that that is a cb750 DOHC head you can probably get a complete useable head off ebay for pretty cheap or try
saw this...probably more useable than what you have and for $45 bucks probably won't hurt the budgie too much, just keep in mind it is all used stuff:

this is $49 bucks:

if you plan on reusing the head core, you are going to need to sand blast it. I have to be honest it looks like that motor spend some time underwater, the cheapest thing to do is to hit up the local MC shops and see if someone has a DOHC 750 or 900F motor lying around, my local shop has two running motors that I could probably get for a couple hundred bucks ready to drop in.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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