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Valves kinda...gross?

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Here's a pic of my valves (mainly clyinder 4). What would you reccommend I do, aside from replacing them? I wanna try and keep it all together up there, since I don't have the right tools (valve compressor) to do all the tricky stuff.

Can I get away with just sanding the corrosion off?


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eeesh. yeah, thats pretty much done. at least from looking at it. and who knows what the seats are looking like, the guides....

yeah, it can be done. but i think he wants to avoid pulling the valves. just scubbing it off. if youve gone that far, you might as well have someone look at it. someone who knows what theyre doing. pulling the valves is no big deal, but you should use a spring compressor. have a radiused grind putt on the seats, then check the springs. i thnk the idea is to use it the way it is, just clean it off. which i dnt tink is a good idea.

right on. agreed. pretty simple and he could actually do that for very little money. but since its all apart, id spend the $$$ and get the valve job done. its posible he doesn thave to replace springs or valves or guides. just a nice clean up and reassemble. but thats why its worth having someone who can look at it go through it. to put it all together and then have to pull it apart becasue theres a bad spring, or a bad seat or something. looking at it from here, its way too hard to tell.

1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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