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Vans moto-sneaker?

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Jason Jessee, of 80s skateboarding fame, who builds custom chopper/bobbers through his company High-Bond Modified has been given a Vans sneaker. Basically a vans sneaker made of oiled boot leather with a steel shank for kickstarting.

Probably the LEAST protection you can get with a shoe on! I am a dirtbag so I got a pair. Anyway, check 'em out:

...and check out Jasons stuff at

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seth, how much, and where did you get em??? ill have denise pick me up a pair.

i read an article on jason jesse a few years ago in iron horse. he still rips shit up. and builds some pretty cool old school chops. there was this kick ass pick of him riding a triumph chop with his vans on. very cool. i had a buddy ask me if i was riding up a raod one morning becasue he thought i was in front of him on my bike. i said "yeah, that was me. howd you know?" he said, "well, the guy on a cafed honda wearing vans kinda gave it away"

very cool.

only the high end stores carry the vault line or limited run shoes. i thought maybe you knew a place that had them. if she heads over there, with he have them there??? or are the special order deals??

id like to see tha movie when it comes out.

tats ok, apparentley she knows the guys at kcdc (?) so im getting in on the list there too.

they have her number. hopefully ill have apair in hand in short order.

1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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