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Vans moto-sneaker?

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Jason Jessee, of 80s skateboarding fame, who builds custom chopper/bobbers through his company High-Bond Modified has been given a Vans sneaker. Basically a vans sneaker made of oiled boot leather with a steel shank for kickstarting.

Probably the LEAST protection you can get with a shoe on! I am a dirtbag so I got a pair. Anyway, check 'em out:

...and check out Jasons stuff at

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check this eGay auction out. proof positive that if you put "Supreme" in the title/description the idiots will come out in swarms. i'm pretty sure you can still buy these in the Supreme store for $80.
WTF!!! I hope nobody actually bids on those. Well, since Seth never told me where Autumn is I had to go to Supreme a couple days ago. I threw down 80 bonez for em and I've been wearing them ever since. They need some serious breaking in though. So far they've logged 300 miles on the Beemer and about 10 hours of wrenching on the Triumph & Beemer. My feet hurt in a good way.
exactly. whenever i drive by a group of skaters... i usually honk and tell out the window.."tony hawk!!!!" they always get so pissed. well at least i find it to be funny. just walked in the door from skating a ramp in boston.
dude for life
So you have time to skate but I don't have my tanks! ;)
I nailed many a skate to a 2x4 with a crate on the front and a broom stick for handlebars.

What? You don't have a phonebook or 411? Lame. Like buying parts from JC whitney insstead of JohnnyB.

Joe, Sorry. They won't have the Hi-tops for a bit.

Frank, lets scheme on some cnc'd roller skates.

tats ok, apparentley she knows the guys at kcdc (?) so im getting in on the list there too.

they have her number. hopefully ill have apair in hand in short order.

21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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