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ok...i have a delima...i am trying to register my suzuki but the V.I.N. is worn away in the middle and i can't make it there anywhere else on a moto that you can find the V.I.N.??? any help would be great....mahalo

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aaron, most of my jap bikes actually dont match. although the brits were pretty good at matching them up. it might be a good way to get around the silly vin probalem though. i remember a friend of mine who had an old rambler had the vin on the title incorrect. there was no vin plate as such so they took the number off of the door post which ended up being something like the door post part number. kinda silly.

i dont know what youre trying to do, but i had a friend who had a 64 rambler. someone along the lines lost the title to it before he got it. when the title was reissued, the person who applied for it took the number from the door post. which actually the part number for the door post!! this guy knew where to find the vin since it was pre vin plate and re applied for the title with the correct number. i dont know what youre trying to do, but if youre not worried about value or historic accuracy and just want to get plates on it, id make up a number, go to the dmv, and see if they'll issue you the title or what ever it is youre doing. if you cant read it, chances are no one else will be able to either. they can only give you shit and say no.

id try winging it, it could work the first time around.

which model suz is it and what year???

1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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