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Vintage Bultaco's for sale

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A nice lady who contacted me has a pair of these Bultaco's that were the pride of her husband. The reason she even pinged me was because she knew I had an interest in the two wheel beasts. She also didn't know at my age it was mostly street motorbikes but anyway I'm passing this along to all of you just in case some one on the Forum may have an interest.
Her husband has passed away and she would like to get rid of the two bikes. Both are Cenmotos ? or Pursangs ?

1974: Works Shock, no leaking from oil leaking nor from pressure blow-by from the engine'
Forks may be leaking a wee bit and fender looks Non-OEM
1969; Is perfect Betor shock, no leaks, perfect paint, new chain. Complete restoration done by a pro.

I went over both motorbikes they are nice and best of all the woman has all the paperwork that her anal husband was keeping on what he had done and spent on the pair.

Anyone interested or know someone that may be interested hit me back and I'll put together pictures and talk about a price for one or the both.

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Cemoto is the company, Pursang is the model, they are full on go fast MX bikes, likely with a close ration gearbox.
Cool! Not many people have the balls to ride them any more.

What's the displacement? Yellow # plate is likely 360cc Green # Plate likely 250cc
Nice bikes, you should make them look totally mint and sell them for about 4000 great big american $ each.
Or ride them, that would be very cool, go ride them in his honour.
lol It's the right price, if you want them at half market value.
The way I look at it; an old MX bike no matter how nice it is can't be worth more then a new one that is technologically far more advanced, unless you are just buying the old one for the art of it and Bultaco is not an extremely rare art piece motorcycle. Bultaco's were cheap bikes in the day, all of them had an original list price well under 2 grand. On the other hand a small group of people still like to race them so I can see somebody forking out almost the same money as a new bike to do that. I don't see anybody buying 50 year old motorcycles at twice the price of a new motorcycle so they can go out and race it. imho 4 grand is a heck of a good price for the seller and it's the price of newer bikes that sets the standard.
My theoretical prices were based on a very nice complete bike,
not the rode it around the farm and parked it in the barn type bike ;)

can get one of those for 1500 canadian$
Good Pictures of the bikes would be a good start, if the owners can't bring themselves to do at least that, then they can forget about ever seeing top market dollar. Then suddenly an offer of half market value is not unreasonable. You would be doing them a huge service just to document them.
Pursang was nice

I liked the1968 El Bandito 360 even better ;) this is what a concourse quality Bultaco looks like:

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Oh ya man, you have to stage her and wet her down all nice! :LOL: if you don't have a mountain background a hot Bultaco chick will do.

If my money was worth 35% more then yours right now, I would want to buy one.
If you happen to find one of these I want it:
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Wow that front one is nice. I could ride **** out of that.
The bike I posted is a Montesa 360VA
... less then 400 produced worldwide.

;) Montesa is like a really really expensive Bultaco :LOL:
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