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Vintage Celebration mid way report

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weather was awful, everyone is complaining. 12:30 pm and the sun is coming out in Portland.

TT crashed in T2 in practice, he's ok, hi -sided and lo sided at the same time. Bike is back in working order. Casper smoked two cigars last night, Paula is hanging out.

Branson and Champ are chatting it up. Champ has a new in crate MT 125 that he brought to the track

Raining this am, I am going back tomorrow morning for races. Photos of the mosh pit later. Bring more wood for tonite.
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It felt good dicing it up out there with Vile, Rosko, TT, Jeff (#614). Even with all the weather out of wack I gave chase and kept strong eventhough the heavy down pours. On a dry track I think I can actually have more fun! I learned a great deal out there this weekend, and felt the adrenaline flowing.

Thanks all for such a hoot.

Wankers campsite was the shiznit! Fire blazing everyone just party'n eventhough the weather sucked! I swear I heard Dance Hall Reggae during the night and remember JB jamin! Fred drank like 15 beers and wanted to burn tents. Mary Jane was lit. Paula went to bed early because she needed girth for her back (laytered). Monkey was just Mojo'n like he does.

Tristan - had a blast! He woke up this morning and said to mom -"Mom, sotomoto had his mojo". Nice.....

June 11th - All Balls out racing - in hope to god dry weather!

Pete - I feel you bro, been there but we'll sort you out.

-Sotomoto and his Mojo

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