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Vintage Celebration mid way report

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weather was awful, everyone is complaining. 12:30 pm and the sun is coming out in Portland.

TT crashed in T2 in practice, he's ok, hi -sided and lo sided at the same time. Bike is back in working order. Casper smoked two cigars last night, Paula is hanging out.

Branson and Champ are chatting it up. Champ has a new in crate MT 125 that he brought to the track

Raining this am, I am going back tomorrow morning for races. Photos of the mosh pit later. Bring more wood for tonite.
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figures the sun comes out when sidecars race and of course it cleared when i left.

pretty much went like this...

-set up
-watch people crash and get wet
- party with the wankers

-go back to bed
- get up a few minutes before the riders meeting and check it out
- eat something
- watch people crash
- race my 50 in the rain
- eat
- party with the wankers

- no puke
- riders meeting
-practice on the 50 , honda, and sidecar
-race the honda
-race the 50
- race the honda
- pack, go home

we pretty much partied with the wankers ... could have gone to bransons bar to do that

hope june is dry

party till ya puke

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dude I was such a PUSSY. I pretty much just idled around the track all weekend long. I had a blast rocking out,,, but screw falling and having to wrench on my crappy bikes all weekend in the rain. Branson pretty much did the right thing... If you can't have fun, why bother even going out. I suppose I just wanted to run my equipment around the track a bit.

I would say the best thing was either busting on Paula, having a cake customized for the Champ or finding out Fred Cherry puked the same morning/ night I did. So much for taking it easy.

The suckiest thing was blowing the start of the lwsv race. shit I was zipping my suit up after taking a piss... walked out of the head and saw everyone going through turn 2. WTF??? the infield is awesome but .... I think the loadspeaker is total crap. I didn't hear shit. Having your shifter fall off in the starting grid doesn't help either

screw it!!! It was fun to see everyone. Good racing dudes!!!
I surely was not racing. we will have a " Do over" in June for sure.

Welcome to the zone Aron!!!!

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My guess is it comes natural.

At least we were partying and not mowing our lawns... ha ha



Scott went home friday night and stayed home on saturday to mow his yard.
Joe we could pretty much photo shop you and tex in there and it would be the same as 3 years ago.

You guys really missed out... let me tell ya


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